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American Film Company

“It was at the 2018 Treasure Coast International Film festival in Florida where Dawn and Lawrence Natalia of

G&G Media first had the pleasure of meeting Hasibush Shams of Brit Media 360.  G&G Media had entered their latest project in the Short Film category and Hasibush was representing a foreign film from Bangladesh.

American Film Company
American Film Company

It was at the gala awards dinner that Dawn and Lawrence found themselves seated at the same table as Hasibush.

What would unfold next is an evening none of them would forget.   As luck would have it, G&G Media would come away with the Florida Gem Award for outstanding film and, Hasibush would accept the award for Best Foreign Film.

In the weeks that followed a unique partnership was founded.  G&G Media, an up-and-coming American film production company with an assortment of intellectual properties of varied genres would partner with Brit Media 360, a rapidly growing multi-media marketing company in London, England.  Two uniquely creative hands stretched across an ocean.

After honing their skills while living and working in Hollywood, CA, Dawn and Lawrence returned home to the east coast specifically, Providence, Rhode Island.  Shortly after that G&G Media was founded in 2008.   Since then, Dawn and Lawrence have self-produced, written, and directed several feature and short films, television pilots, and web series.
Along the way, Dawn and Lawrence have accounted for several national and international awards for their production and screenwriting.  Dawn Natalia in particular is a seasoned director spanning twenty-plus years.  She has made a name for herself for her thorough yet easy-going directing style and has become a favorite to the many actors who have worked with her.
Lawrence has received several awards for his writing style and has earned the reputation of the “go-to guy” when it comes to producing.  In addition, both Dawn and Lawrence are also accomplished actors with Dawn a member of the Screen Actors Guild.

G&G Media’s latest innovative project wrapped on June 26, 2021.  The Grilled Cheese Party is a short film penned by Lawrence and directed by Dawn.   GCP (as she’s referred to) is a political drama with a supernatural element keenly added in.   A rare and one-of-a-kind story that was adapted from a feature script originally developed by Lawrence.

GCP is clearly a multi-dimensional concept as it can be marketed as either a future feature film or, a dynamic television

series.   Teaming up with Brit Media 360 as its marketing partner will certainly highlight the commercial and entertainment value to future investors/producers.  GCP certainly has the means of becoming something truly special in the eyes of television viewers or moviegoers alike.

The Grilled Cheese Party and the creative force behind it is something quite special in the making.  Stay tuned for more details as they become available along with an amazing trailer.”

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