Liam Hendriks Drops F-bomb on live TV during MLB Game

Liam Hendriks Drops F-bomb

It was probably not the best idea to mic up White Sox closer Liam Hendriks on a live television broadcast. The eccentric Australian is known for his unique personality, and he showcased it during the ninth inning of the American League’s 5-2 MLB All-Star Game victory Tuesday night.

Hendriks, who was heard during his appearance telling catcher Mike Zunino his microphone wasn’t working and he could not hear anything, let some curse words fly on the broadcast, “God damn it,” the 32-year-old muttered “Yeah f–k this,” he exclaimed after throwing out a pitch.

Liam Hendriks Drops F-bomb
Liam Hendriks Drops F-bomb

“The fact I was able to throw the ninth and have a relatively eventful ninth, kind of plays into my personality a little bit,” Hendriks said afterward. “And not realizing the mic was hot and I couldn’t hear them and they could hear me was a lot of fun.

“I’m sure that made for some interesting TV. I hope the bleep-er guy was on point.”


The AL won its eighth consecutive All-Star Game Tuesday night at Coors Field, powered by All-Star Game MVP Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and his memorable 468-foot home run.

Hendriks helped out too, pitching a scoreless ninth to earn the save. While the Aussie did allow two base hits, Mike Zunino of the Rays — who also hit a home run at the top of the sixth inning — threw out Brewers catcher Omar Narvaez attempting to steal following his leadoff single. After Braves youngster Ozzie Albies hit a double, Hendriks pitched a game-ending ground ball to Trea Turner.

“I tend to get a little animated out there and throw a couple of expletives around,” Hendriks said. “But I have fun out there, that’s the biggest thing.”

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