Pandemic Team in Aspen Get Dialed Back

Pandemic Team in Aspen

City of Aspen’s COVID-19 consumer and environmental protection to end this year.

ASPEN, Colo. — The city of Aspen is dialing back its consumer and health protection program that was set up in response to COVID-19 and local public health orders.

Pandemic Team in Aspen
Pandemic Team in Aspen

A two-person team hired to educate businesses and do outreach regarding COVID restrictions has been cut in half, as one of the members, Emmy Garrigus, has moved to a permanent position in the city’s community development department.

Consumer and employee health protection specialist Mike Sear will stay on to help with outreach as events start to be held in the city, along with other projects in the environmental health department, said C.J. Oliver, the city’s environmental health and sustainability director.

He said Monday the program is in flux as COVID cases continue around the world, but the idea is to end the program in the third or fourth quarter of 2021.

“It’s been a nice gradual step down of sorts,” Oliver said. “But we are not out of the weeds yet, and we might have to snap back and I’m hoping we wouldn’t go back into it, but we want to be prepared.”

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